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qingyang district taxation bureau visited our company for research and guidance -火狐体育官网在线登录

issuing time:2020-05-15 13:45

on the morning of may 15, 2020, zhou liya, chief of the tax refund section of the taxation bureau of qingyang district, and her entourage came to our company to conduct research and discuss with our main leaders. the meeting was presided over by guo xiaoya, secretary of the company’s general party branch, and the company’s financial department heads, business department heads, main heads of subsidiaries, and financial tax refund staff attended the research meeting.   at the research meeting, the general manager of the company, luo bing, first expressed a warm welcome on behalf of the company to the arrival of section chief zhou liya and his delegation, and expressed sincere thanks to the qingyang district taxation bureau for its long-term support to our company. general manager luo bing gave an introduction on the company's history, development status, achievements, development strategy, and talent cultivation. mr. luo said that under the correct leadership and strong support of the qingyang district taxation bureau and the superior authorities, the machinery company has made solid progress in all aspects, progressed in an orderly manner, and achieved certain results over the years.      after that, all the participants watched the company promotional video carefully. after listening to mr. luo’s introduction and watching the company’s promotional video, section chief zhou liya pointed out that the machinery company has achieved good results in terms of scale development, talent cultivation, and company reform. as a key and bright foreign trade enterprise in the region, the future development has a bright future; the qingyang district taxation bureau will also further enhance its services and provide convenient policy support for enterprise development. section chief zhou also put forward several guiding opinions: first, i hope that the machinery company will continue to strictly manage the tax rebate risk prevention and control, and do a good job in risk prevention and control; second, i hope the company will continue to adhere to the talent cultivation strategy for the development of foreign trade in sichuan province cultivates more outstanding talents; third, it is hoped that the communication between the two parties will be strengthened, and the policy requirements related to tax rebates will be better implemented in the actual work, so as to provide a solid guarantee for the development of enterprises.  finally, the heads of the company's business departments and affiliated companies had in-depth exchanges on specific issues related to business processes, division of labor, tax refunds, etc.

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